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At Evans we understand the joy you feel when you look at your family's memories and the worry that these precious moments may fade away or be lost in a digital cloud with time. But don't worry, that's where we step in. At Evans Portraits, we help turn those fleeting moments into everlasting memories.

Our portraits are more than just pictures - they're timeless heirlooms that weave the beautiful tale of your family's unique journey. Imagine the pleasure of seeing your family's history told through art, every day on your wall!

We blend the crispness of modern style with the warmth of tradition, creating a masterpiece that's as unique as your family. Let us help you keep your family's story alive!

father and son portrait in tuxeos
Red haired freckled boy in tuxedo


We totally get it! Those family memories you're making are absolutely priceless, and we're here to ensure they get the royal treatment they deserve. We've designed our complimentary portrait consultation with your busy schedule in mind. We will chat about your dream family portrait. We'll discuss everything - the perfect spot to display your portrait, the outfits that will make your family shine, and the portrait style that tells your unique story. It's as simple and enjoyable as a friendly conversation!

Little girl in vintage dress

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Our portrait artist will step in to work their magic, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. With an uncanny ability to capture the essence of your family, they make the entire session a breeze. Imagine this: laughter fills the room, children are playing, parents are relaxed, and all the while, our artist is effortlessly capturing these precious moments. It's not just about clicking a button on a camera; it's about observing, understanding, and bringing out the best in your family.

But it doesn't stop there. Our artist pays attention to every little detail - from the way your toddler tugs at your dress to the loving glances exchanged between you and your partner. They ensure that these tiny yet significant details aren't overlooked, but instead, captured in a way that breathes life into your portrait. The result? A stress-free, fun-filled session and a portrait that tells your family's story with authenticity and charm.


Picture this: Rod Evans, our talented artist, meticulously selecting the image that narrates your family's unique story in the best way possible. He ensures that this image is not just a photo, but a perfect representation of your family's love and bond. But wait, before we move to the final printing and framing, we'll share it with you for approval. We want you to absolutely adore your portrait and feel confident that it will be a perfect fit in your home. Our goal is simple - to provide you with an unmatched portrait experience!

Now, let's fast forward to that exciting day when your heirloom portrait is ready. We'll deliver it right to your doorstep, taking every precaution to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. And what about installation? Easy peasy! You can choose to hang your beautiful piece yourself, turning the process into a fun family activity. Or, if you prefer, our professional installer can step in to make sure everything is picture-perfect. Either way, we've got you covered!

formal portrait above fireplace
Formal family photograph above fireplace
Childrens Portrait series on a wall
Black and White Photo in a  Modern Home


Imagine this - a world where modern meets classic, where time stands still yet moves with every tick. This is the enchanting paradox that unfolds in our black and white portraits at Evans Portraits. Each portrait we create is a timeless piece of art, bridging the gap between the rich heritage of classic black and white portraiture and the innovation of modern photography.

In the absence of a rainbow of colors, we find a world of profound purity. Here, light, shadow, and contrast come together to reveal not just your outer beauty, but also your inner strength and vulnerability. Far from being old-fashioned, our black and white photography resonates deeply with the human experience. It's a breath of fresh air in a world overrun by digital manipulations and artificial perfection.

Modern Home Black and White family photos
minimalist home modern family photos
family photo above fireplace
Modern Frame for Black and White Photos


Our portraits are more than just pictures. They're a perfect blend of past and present, tradition and innovation - a portrait paradox that continually fuels our creativity. By choosing us, you're not just getting a portrait, but a timeless piece of art that tells your unique story, connects you to the past, and remains relevant in the present. A true celebration of the beauty of life in all its simplicity and complexity!

black and white modern framing


Every day, I am inspired by the potential of others. Watching people become empowered to take control of their lives is an amazing experience. It starts with recognizing our own worth and exploring what's possible.

I believe it is an utmost priority to help people see how incredible they truly are. When people start to view themselves with confidence and high esteem, they can take on anything.

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Rod Evans 

Sioux Falls Photographer

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