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Beautiful, unique works of art made with love and care. Our featured way of making timeless photographs look like museum-grade canvas painterly masterpieces. Modern Heirloom Portraits offer dramatic rich colors and the level of details captured in each portrait is nothing short of remarkable; every expression, freckle, eyelash and curl has been artfully enhanced and translated into a stunning piece of artwork with its own personality and charm. 

With the Modern Heirloom Portrait, you can start making your own timeless history and create a tangible heirloom that you can pass down for generations to come.

father and son portrait in tuxeos
Red haired freckled boy in tuxedo


Every day, I am inspired by the potential of others. Watching people become empowered to take control of their lives is an amazing experience. It starts with recognizing our own worth and exploring what's possible.

I believe it is an utmost priority to help people see how incredible they truly are. When people start to view themselves with confidence and high esteem, they can take on anything.

Little girl in vintage dress


As a photographer, I have come to understand the profound impact that portraits can have when displayed in one's home. It is an unspoken declaration of love, a celebration of familial bonds, and a reflection of our shared history. In particular, I have noticed the transformative effect that displaying portraits can have on the self-esteem of children. When a child grows up surrounded by images of themselves, their siblings, and their loved ones, it reinforces their sense of belonging and teaches them to value their place in the world. Furthermore, several psychological studies have demonstrated that children whose parents display their family photographs in their homes have higher self-esteem as compared to those who don't. Portraits serve as visual reminders of their importance within their family unit and cultivate a strong sense of identity. In this digital age where our memories often remain hidden behind screens, the tangible presence of portraits on the walls speaks volumes about our priorities and our connections with one another. By simply displaying portraits in our homes, we can create an environment filled with love, adoration, and affirmation – all without uttering a single word.

formal portrait above fireplace
Formal portrait above fireplace
Childrens Portraits
Black and White Portrait Modern Home


I have been deeply fascinated by the portrait paradox that exists in modern black and white portraits - the unique fusion of modernity and classicism. Each portrait transcends the constraints of time, creating a bridge between the rich history of classic black and white portraiture and the advancements of modern photography. By stripping away the cacophony of hues, there is a profound purity in the monochromatic world where light, shadow, and contrast unite to unveil the subject's inner vulnerability and strength. Contrary to the notion that black and white photography is antiquated, I find that it resonates with the human experience in a deeply powerful way, perhaps even more so in today's world, where we are inundated with digital manipulations and artificial perfection. By crafting portraits that possess both an eternal connection to the past as well as an undeniable contemporaneity, a portrait paradox that continually inspires my creative endeavors.

Modern Home Black and White portraits
minimalist home modern portraits
family portrait above fireplace
Modern Frame


Our exquisite Monochrome Heirloom Portrait is the perfect mix of modern style and timeless tradition. Professionally printed on archival paper with a custom designed frame, this gorgeous piece is sure to become a treasured heirloom. The bold black and white palette will look beautiful in any home while providing you with an elegant reminder of your family history. With its unique combination of modern aesthetics and high-quality archival material, our Monochrome Heirloom Portrait is certain to become a cherished piece of your family legacy.

black and white modern framing


Rod Evans is an unparalleled portrait artist whose stunning photographic works present a captivating paradox - blending the classic with cutting-edge innovation. His eye for detail and emotion has graced art gallery walls and national publications alike, leaving viewers mesmerized in their mysterious beauty. It's no wonder that each of his subjects discover new depths within themselves under Evans' expert lens. more...

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