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Image by Jan de Keijzer
Exclusive Brand Identity and
Headshot Alignment Guide 

Is a disconnect between your outward image and inner goals inhibiting success? Diagnose if messaging gaps exist.


Expert Advice on Selecting the Perfect Style and Attire

Determining the precise headshot aesthetic that aligns with and enhances your brand identity can be a challenging task. But making strategic choices on visual factors like attire, color scheme, backdrop, pose and framing allows you to reinforce the personality and values you aim to get across. Follow our guide on how to develop headshot visuals tailored to core brand attributes, with examples for different traits. We break down the headshot formula for conveying approachability, trustworthiness, innovation, luxury and more based on targeted stylistic and artistic decisions.

As you suggested, a trustworthy, long-standing business brand would resonate with formal business attire like a suit and tie against a classic navy blue or gray backdrop. Maintaining a confident but not overly intense gaze with a subtle smile also connects with being reliable and credible


Trustworthy Brand


Approachable Brand

For a vibrant, friendly brand aiming to connect on a personal level, wearing more casual attire in a brighter  background setting with some warmer props and an open, smiling facial expression helps reflect being welcoming and inclusive.

Highlight attention to detail, exclusive client service and showcasing exceptional properties by dressing in upscale yet understated designer apparel with fine textures; minimize distracting jewelry for subtle elegance; incorporate architectural or nature backdrops; maintain erect, flawless posture; exude confidence through a steady yet genuine gaze; ensure exceptional photography quality.



Luxury Realestate


Creative Brand

Unleash your creative flair through contrast-rich, dramatic black and white headshots poised within an authentic art studio setting. Emphasize brooding tones, textural depth, and dimensional lighting without the distraction of color. Convey dynamic passion and vision through a touseled hairstyle, rolled up sleeves, engaging directly with artistic works-in-progress, and a fiercely focused yet approachable gaze. Surround yourself in the visually arresting tools of your trade - canvases, sculptures, prints, easels and more.

Luxury brands wanting to convey high-end sophistication could incorporate a photo taken in an art gallery or modern,  well-coiffed hair, a designer outfit, caring about small visual details, and an intense yet warm gaze.

Sophisticated Brand


Authoritative Brand

Legal, consulting or technology firms wanting to highlight experience may select a direct, steady eye gaze focused straight at the camera, formal business attire with crisp lines, herringbone or glass office backdrop, and well-positioned body language (arms crossed or hand on hip).

Innovative Brand

Aim to express a bold visionary outlook as an innovative startup through depicting high energy and drive. This may translate to a bright, saturated filter; an intense yet eager direct stare; visual contrast and asymmetry via a cropped frame or angled pose; a cluttered table signifying active tinkering; smart yet casual attire like an unbuttoned collar or sport coat without tie.

Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 2.09.jpg

Intentionality is Everything

A thoughtfully composed headshot receives praise not just for presenting an impressive image, but for the way it immediately communicates alignment with your authentic brand identity. By being intentional about styling, tone and mood, you lead viewers to make an instant connection between visual presentation and the core qualities your organization aims to embody. Refer to these examples as you plan out your next headshot session or branding photoshoot. Don't hesitate to bring this guide to your photographer and say: “I want my images to convey this specific attribute - help style me to confidently and consistently express [trait] across channels.” What feeling do your headshots leave your audience with?

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