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Every day, I am inspired by the potential of others. Watching people become empowered to take control of their lives is an amazing experience. It starts with recognizing our own worth and exploring what's possible.

I believe it is an utmost priority to help people see how incredible they truly are. When people start to view themselves with confidence and high esteem, they can take on anything.


Introducing the Modern Heirloom

Beautiful, unique works of art made with love and care. Our featured way of making timeless photographs look like museum-grade canvas painterly masterpieces. Modern Heirloom Portraits offer dramatic rich colors and the level of details captured in each portrait is nothing short of remarkable; every expression, freckle, eyelash and curl has been artfully enhanced and translated into a stunning piece of artwork with its own personality and charm. 

With the Modern Heirloom Portrait, you can start making your own timeless history and create a tangible heirloom that you can pass down for generations to come.


Portrait Art is an incredibly powerful way to honor those who have come before us, as well as the ones who continue to make us who we are. It is an unforgettable reminder of the bond that exists between family members, and it can inspire a sense of pride and self-confidence. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a meaningful statement about your family by displaying art with pride.


Black and white images capture the essence of a person by solely relying on using light, shade, form, texture, and composition to evoke emotion in their photographs. Black and white photography can be used to draw attention to smaller details that might otherwise go unnoticed in color images allowing the viewer to see intricate features more effectively. Since monochrome photos are often associated with timelessness, they can be used as powerful tools for conveying nostalgia or history. As a result, this type of portraiture captures emotional moments in time that resonate with viewers far beyond their original setting.

From the moment Rod Evans takes up his camera, he begins to spin a unique tapestry of artistry and emotion. His innovative portraits capture not only beauty but an all-encompassing spirit that radiates from each individual subject with light as timeless as it is rich in depth. This acclaimed artist has become sought after on both national and international platforms for lectures. His creations have been seen gracing art gallery exhibitions along with international books & magazine publications alike.  It's Rod Evans commitment that those who view these moments will experience introspection and connection beyond what can be photographed alone; blurring reality between fine art photography & portraiture forevermore.


Rod Evans - Portrait Artist

Sioux Falls  South Dakota USA

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