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Headshot Prep

For Women

    • Apply professional makeup with neutral tones. Light mascara, groomed brows, subtle eyeshadow, and neutral lip color.

    • Style your hair so it is off your face. An updo, side-swept look, or straightened style works well. Have it freshly washed and styled.

    • Avoid dramatic hair accessories. Stick to simple hair clips or pins if needed.

    • Wear minimal jewelry like stud earrings, a watch, or simple necklace. Avoid noisy bangles or statement pieces.

    • Collared blouses, blazers, sweater sets, and sheath dresses look polished. Solid colors or subtle patterns only.

    • Pair tops with trousers, pencil skirts, or knee-length skirt. Dark denim also looks professional.

    • Make sure outfits are neatly pressed. Hang up any wrinkled items in a steamy bathroom to smooth out.

    • Shoes should be professional – closed toe heels, flats, or pumps in a neutral color.

    • Well-manicured nails in a neutral tone look tidy. Avoid chipped polish.

    • Concealer can help cover any blemishes or under eye circles. Use sparingly.

    • Apply powder to control shine on any oily areas like forehead, nose and chin.

    • Keep lips looking neutral and gloss-free. Use lip balm if needed.

For Men

  • Get a fresh haircut or neatly trim and style your hair prior to the shoot. Use product if needed to tame flyaways.

  • Clean shave for a smooth polished look or neatly groom/trim any facial hair. Define edges of beards or mustaches.

  • Use a face moisturizer if you have dry skin but avoid anything too oily.

  • Have a backup dress shirt in case of wrinkles. Hang up a wrinkled shirt in the bathroom while showering to smooth it out.

  • Iron or steam trousers, shirts, and suit jackets to remove wrinkles. Properly cleaned and pressed clothes make a difference.

  • Wear dark solid color suits in navy, black, or dark gray. Make sure the fit is tailored and professional.

  • Collared dress shirts should be ironed and wrinkle-free. Stick to white, light blue, or subtle stripes.

  • Ties should be simple, not too busy or distracting. Solid colors or simple patterns work best.

  • Dark leather dress shoes should be shined and scuff-free. Wear dark socks to complement pants.

  • Minimize jewelry. Remove bulky watches and bracelets. Wedding ring and simple cufflinks are okay.

  • Nails should be neatly trimmed and clean. Use a nail file to smooth any rough edges.

  • Lightly brush eyebrows, ears, and nose hair if needed. Pay attention to those details.

  • Use concealer sparingly to cover any blemishes or dark eye circles.

Before Your Session

  • Get a good night's sleep the night before to reduce under-eye bags and dark circles. Stay hydrated too.

  • Wash and style your hair how you normally would for an important event or work. Make sure it's freshly washed and styled.

  • Lightly moisturize your face but don't use anything too oily. Use a shine-reducing powder if needed.

  • Wear minimal jewelry that isn't distracting. Simple stud earrings and a watch or rings are fine.

  • Pick clothes in solid colors that complement your skin tone. Avoid busy patterns or logos.

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