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Cozy Sweaters + Crunchy Leaves= Perfect Fall Photos!

The crisp air, beautiful fall foliage, and cozy sweaters make fall the perfect time for family portraits. The natural lighting is beautiful during fall, creating a magical glow in photos. The fall colors like vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows make for gorgeous backdrops.

Here are some key reasons you should book your family session this fall:

  • Fall colors are only around for a limited time. The peak foliage season varies by location, but typically only lasts a few weeks. Don't miss your chance to capture your family surrounded by this stunning scenery.

  • The comfortable weather makes it enjoyable for families to be outdoors together for photos. Between the cool air, lack of humidity, and vibrant colors, fall is one of the best times for an outdoor session.

  • Fall light is ideal for photography. The sun is lower on the horizon, creating a soft, golden lighting that is flattering. The light won't be harsh like summer.

  • It's easier to coordinate outfits and looks. Between comfy sweaters, jeans, boots, and accent colors like oranges and reds, fall lends itself perfectly to coordinating family outfits.

With fall foliage peaking soon, now is the time to book your session. Slots are filling up quickly. We've even added Saturday appointments to make sure we can accommodate everyone who wants a fall family portrait.

Don't wait - schedule your fall family portrait session today! Capture your family in all the autumn glory before these beautiful fall colors fade away. Contact us now to check availability. Let's create some magical memories together this fall!

Book online here Today!

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