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I See You, I Love You:

How Portraits Boost Your Childs' Confidence

Imagine a moment that has the power to pivot your entire career and perspective—mine came unexpectedly, over 25 years ago, in the simple act of witnessing my three-year-old daughter sitting on our staircase gazing up in a silent conversation with her own portrait. This quiet moment-in-time was one that revealed to me the profound impact of portraits in the home on our children's sense of self and belonging. This wasn't just any decoration; to her, it symbolized her importance, her place in our family, and perhaps, in a broader sense, in the world. It was then that I recognized my work transcends the mere act of placing a beautiful image on a wall; it's an intimate act of affirming love and nurturing self-confidence.

Following that day, I caught several beautiful moments of both my daughters and their friends engaging with the portraits. The innocent pride they displayed when friends inquired, "Is that you?" and them responding in soft, affirmative "yes" was truly heartwarming. These instances solidified how crucial these visual affirmations are, not just in our family, but potentially in the lives of many others. It has deepened my commitment to ensuring other families have the opportunity to create and cherish similar profound moments with their children.

Displaying Family Portraits Boosts Self-Esteem

According to psychologist David Krauss, prominently displaying portraits of your children and family members throughout your home can provide a boost to their self-esteem and sense of belonging. When children see images of themselves reflected back in framed photos, it reinforces their value and place within the family unit.

Krauss explains that surrounding children with visual reminders that they are loved and cherished has a profoundly positive impact. "Children draw conclusions about their own worth based on how they are treated by their parents," he says. "Placing their portraits around the home sends the message you are proud of them and they hold an important place in the family."

This daily reinforcement through family photos contributes to healthy self-esteem and identity development in children. "A child's self-concept is formed largely through interactions with parents and how parents demonstrate their love," Krauss notes. Prominent family portraits convey pride, celebration of special moments, and the child's integral role within the cherished family group.

Stress Reducer

According to neuroscientist @NasNeuro, research suggests that capturing, displaying or revisiting family photos have a powerful effect on our brain. Photos capture memories of past experiences stored in our brains, and revisiting them strengthens the neural representation of those memories by our neurons. Acting as a "glue", family photos can bind families together and trigger conversations. Looking at photos of loved ones can have a positive physiological effect - @NasNeuro notes that children laugh when looking at old pictures of themselves.

Remarkably, neuroimaging research shows that viewing photos of our loved ones slows down the "stress centres" of our brain. By prominently showcasing portraits and cherished family moments throughout the home, parents provide enriching opportunities for children to revisit positive memories, which can raise their self-esteem according to this neuroscientist.

Seeing Themselves Reflected

Children feel a sense of pride and importance when they see portraits of themselves prominently displayed in the home. It reinforces their self-image and makes them feel valued as part of the family unit. The portraits we choose to display essentially send the message: "You are one of our most treasured parts of this home." Kids intrinsically understand and internalize this meaning.

Daily Reminders of Love

Having portraits of your children prominently displayed in your home serves as a daily visual reminder of your love for them. When children see images of themselves hung on the walls, it reinforces that they are cherished members of the family.

Glancing at these photos each day, and pointing them out to guests with pride, demonstrates unconditional affection. Children feel secure knowing they are constantly in their parents' thoughts and hearts.

Even on difficult days when tensions run high, seeing their portrait provides reassurance of their permanent place in the family. It's a simple yet powerful act of love to surround your children with representations of themselves in their own home.

Making the effort to display their portraits, rather than keeping photos tucked away in albums, shows that your children are worthy of celebration. The visible, lasting presence of the portraits day after day, year after year, is a meaningful symbol of devotion.

Conversations About Memories

Looking at photos of your family together builds connection through sharing memories and stories. When you take the time to sit with your children and look at old photos, it opens up opportunities for meaningful conversation.

Children often enjoy hearing about what life was like when they were younger, looking back on vacations, holidays, and special events. As you talk about the memories behind each photo, you are reaffirming your family's shared history.

Reminiscing over photos can spark laughter and inside jokes. It allows you to bond over happy times and gain perspective on how much has changed over the years. Even difficult memories can be healing to discuss when done so with empathy and care.

These conversations help reinforce your child's sense of belonging within the family. By reminiscing together, you are sending the message that their place in the family's story is important and valued. Looking back at the photos throughout the different stages of their life allows them to see how they have grown while remaining an integral part of the family.

A Sense of Belonging

Family photos displayed prominently in the home give children an important sense of belonging. When children see images of themselves with their loved ones in framed photos around the house, it reinforces their place within the family unit.

The portraits act as a validation of their membership in the family, reminding them that they are an integral and cherished part of the household. Children get the message that "This is my family and this is where I belong."

Having visual representations of the family, with the child included, contributes to their identity development in a positive way. They can point to the photos on the walls and say "That's me with my family. I'm a part of this." It gives them a sense of acceptance and inclusion which is so important for their self-esteem and emotional growth.

The family photos essentially communicate to the child "You are one of us. You belong here." This boosts their confidence and helps them feel rooted in their family identity. Displaying family portraits demonstrates to children their importance within the family structure in a way that powerfully impacts their self-worth.

Positive Associations

Having portraits of your children displayed prominently in your home creates positive mental associations for them about what home represents. When children see images of themselves happily captured alongside their loved ones in the very place they live, it subconsciously reinforces that home is a place of belonging, warmth, togetherness, and love.

The sights, smells, sounds, and feelings of home become positively tied to their image and place within the family. Walking by a hallway portrait each day on the way to breakfast or seeing photos of memorable occasions in the living room associates being at home with the security and connection of family.

Even in times of sibling squabbles or home stresses, seeing their place anchored on the walls serves as a reminder of the deeper bonds and meanings of home. Photos can become a touchstone to return to when life feels challenging, bringing up the positive emotions and associations of love. In this way, prominently displayed family portraits create an undercurrent of reassurance and belonging tied to home.

Self-Worth and Value

Having portraits of your children displayed prominently in your home reinforces their sense of self-worth and value. When children see images of themselves in places of importance, it sends the message that they too are important.

The portraits symbolize that the child is cherished and valued by their parents. Surrounding them with these visual reminders makes them feel loved. It's a simple yet powerful way to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Children often look to their parents for validation. Seeing their portrait hung with care demonstrates the parents' pride and affection. The child feels reassured that they matter and are significant.

Knowing how much they mean to their family helps build the child's sense of significance. Displaying the portraits conveys that the child is valued for who they are as an individual. The portraits are symbolic of the unconditional love their family has for them.

Identity Development

Photos of children prominently displayed in the home play an important role in developing their sense of identity. When children see images of themselves in family portraits around the house, it reinforces their understanding of who they are within the family unit.

According to child development experts, a strong sense of identity is linked to higher self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. Displaying family photos allows children to see themselves reflected back in a meaningful way. They recognize "That's me!" and begin to internalize their role and place within the family.

Seeing these portraits every day helps children define themselves in relation to their parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members. It gives them a sense of belonging and being valued as an integral part of the family.

Over time, family photos contribute to children piecing together an understanding of who they are, where they come from, and their significance to the people closest to them. In this way, prominently displayed family portraits support children in developing a positive sense of self and identity.


Displaying family portraits in your home is a simple yet powerful way to boost your children's self-esteem and sense of belonging. By seeing images of themselves and their loved ones in a place of prominence, children get the message that they are valued members of the family.

Make an effort to choose portraits that reflect the unique personality of each child. Update the portraits periodically as your children grow and change. Place them in high-traffic areas where your family gathers, like the living room or main hallway.

When children see these portraits every day, they internalize positive messages about their own self-worth. The portraits become a backdrop for meaningful conversations about memories and relationships. They give children a sense of pride in their identity within the family unit.

Take some time this week to find the perfect portraits to display in your home. Your children will beam each time they see themselves reflected back in these images of your loved ones. By surrounding them with these visual reminders of their importance to your family, you give an invaluable boost to their lifelong self-esteem.

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Apr 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Rod has an amazing gift!!! Thank you for helping put beautiful portraits together for my family! It has always been my favorite art!! I love my family and I love your talent! 🙏

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