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Is Your Headshot Sabotaging Your Brand?

You invested time and money into crafting your business brand. But that carefully curated image could be undermined by one element you may not have put much thought into - your headshot. Find out more Here:

Most professional headshots capture nice photos of the person. However, they fail to align with or strategically convey the intended brand image. Just because your headshot features you smiling in front of a backdrop doesn't mean it's doing your personal brand any favors.

In fact, a mismatched or poorly crafted headshot can actively work against building your brand. At best, viewers are confused by the disconnect between your projected image and actual vibe in the photo. At worst, your headshot could completely turn off potential customers or partners by clashing with their expectations.

Here are some ways an unstrategic headshot can sabotage your branding efforts:

Misaligned Tone & Style

Your headshot seems overly casual and relaxed while your brand aims for professionalism and expertise. Or your photo conveys a stiff corporate vibe that conflicts with your fun, approachable brand persona. Any mismatches in tone or style undermine brand cohesion.

Forgets the Audience

Your headshot fails to appeal to or connect with your target demographic. The image, pose, expression and other details don't resonate with the customers, clients and partners you want to reach.

Washes You Out

Poor lighting, framing and color palette choices make your headshot fall flat. Instead of standing out, you blend into the background or appear dull and unimpressive.

Minimizes Strengths An unflattering angle, distracting background, or other issues draw attention away from your best features and personal strengths you aim to highlight.

Maximizes Weaknesses

Similarly, a non-strategic headshot can emphasize aspects you want to downplay, like drawing the eye to asymmetries or unflattering expressions you naturally make.

Projects Age Inappropriately

Certain poses, expressions and styling can make you appear drastically older or younger than your target branding demographic expects.

Is a disconnect between your outward image and inner goals inhibiting success? Download our exclusive Brand Identity and Headshot Alignment guide now to diagnose if messaging gaps exist.

Uncover any inconsistencies, style mismatches or tone deaf imaging that presents an impression counter to your aspirations. Arm yourself with actionable strategies to realign aesthetics to intended audience takeaways, ensuring your sleek, candid portraits reinforce - not undermine - your narrative for surpassing objectives. Take control by learning how to harmonize visual communications with business aims. Claim the guide instantaneously to forge ahead powerfully, armed with cohesive conviction.

Stand out with Strategic Business Headshots from Evans

As an experienced photographer, I use advanced facial analysis techniques to create strategic headshots tailored to you and your brand. My skills accentuate strengths, minimize weaknesses, and produce an authentic, memorable look appealing to your target audience. I take the guesswork out of headshots and capture photos that strategically highlight your personal brand. Invest in headshots from me that effectively connect with your ideal customers

Don't let your headshot inadvertently undermine all your branding efforts. Let's discuss how to capture your image in a way that resonates powerfully with your audience and aligns perfectly with your brand.


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