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Legacy and Self Esteem

Yet it can also be seen as a paradox when the pressure to present a perfect version of oneself takes away from authentic self-expression.


Family portraits provide a unique way to both commemorate the important people, places and moments that make up our lives while simultaneously improving how we feel about ourselves. A wall portrait can help boost self-esteem and remind you of how far you’ve come, "yet it can also be seen as a paradox when the pressure to present a perfect version of oneself takes away from authentic self-expression".

In today's post, I'll discuss why capturing your most treasured memories through custom photography is an invaluable exercise in boosting confidence and making sure that loved ones are remembered long after they're gone. Let’s explore why you should consider investing in a Modern Heirloom Portrait. That doesn't apply pressure to be fake but looks for the authentic, natural side. I am always watching and waiting for the unexpected and ready to capture that moment. I want the unexpected and things to fall apart, so relax and be you.

Build Self Esteem in Your Children

Having a family portrait prominently displayed in your home can have an enormous impact on your children’s self-esteem. Seeing both parents and siblings framed together as part of the same image gives children the sense that they are seen and appreciated by their family, which is invaluable for building healthy self-esteem. Furthermore, having this reminder of familial love displayed prominently throughout the home is sure to bring joy to each member of the family every single day.

Let Guests See What You Value Most

When visitors come over to your house, they will immediately take note of what is most important to you and yours when they enter—and if you have a large family portrait displayed on your wall, there will be no doubt about what matters most in life: your loved ones! The message that this conveys is powerful and should not be underestimated; guests who enter your home will undoubtedly feel welcomed and loved just from seeing such an obvious sign of affection for those closest to you.

Create an Heirloom That Can Be Passed Down

Investing in a high-quality large family portrait isn’t just a great way to decorate; it also creates an heirloom that can be passed down through generations. Every time someone looks at it, they will remember who was present at the time the photo was taken—a memory that transcends time and space. That makes having such a piece even more special since it serves as something tangible that can last forever—making it truly priceless!

The Importance of Now

At Evans Portraits I know how important it is to capture memories with our families while they are still here with us—which is why we specialize in creating beautiful large family portraits that capture everyone together perfectly. I know how much these pieces mean for our clients, so I take extra care to make sure each frame perfectly captures those special moments shared among loved ones so that these memories can last beyond our lifetime. If you are looking for quality large family portraits for your home, then don't hesitate to reach out.

I would love nothing more than help create something special for you and yours today.


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