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Senior Posing Tips to Keep it Real, Real Good

Posing for a photograph may seem like an easy task, but in reality, it's a paradox.


On one hand, it requires you to project a certain image of yourself while also revealing your true self. It's a delicate balance between the two that is often difficult to achieve. I am constantly studying each person and balancing their true self with their best self.

So, you're about to go for your senior photoshoot and you want to know how to pose. Good news! You don't need to be a professional model in order to take amazing photos—all you need are some posing tips for guys and girls that keep things real yet flattering. We've got the perfect guide for you, so read on and let's get started!

Standing Tall - Ladies, stand up straight with your shoulders back and chest forward (no slouching!) Guys should do the same with your arms relaxed at your


This will help create an attractive silhouette while also making sure that you look natural in the photos. Plus, standing tall will make you look more confident!

Smile - A good smile is key for any photoshoot, so make sure yours is genuine and not overly forced or cheesy. If it helps, think of something funny or think about a happy memory before taking each shot. Your smile should light up your entire face!

Try Different Angles - For guys and girls alike, find angles that work best for your body type by experimenting with different poses. Maybe try out posing from the side instead of looking directly at the camera or angle yourself at an angle so that only one eye is visible. Experimenting can help make the photos more interesting and unique while still being flattering.

Don't Overdo It - The last thing you want is to look like an over-posed model in your senior photoshoot pics! Keep it simple by using subtle gestures like placing one hand on your hip or running a hand through your hair—anything too over-the-top could end up looking cheesy or unnatural in the shots.

Posing for senior photoshoots doesn't have to be difficult—just remember these tips and tricks for keeping it real yet flattering! Stand tall with a genuine smile, experiment with different angles but don't overdo it with too many poses, and soon enough you'll be ready for picture day! With these posing tips for guys and girls alike, you'll be sure to snap some amazing pics that capture who you are as a person perfectly. All that's left now is to strike a pose! Check out our instagram for more ideas.


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